October 30 - Haircuts

Early on, getting our boys to get a haircut was a challenge.  Terry took them to get a haircut and when they arrived at the barbershop, they wouldn't get out of the car.  He'd open up the rear doors and they'd jump in the back.  He'd go open the back hatch and they'd jump to the middle seat laughing - back and forth they went while Wendy, their stylist, stood in the window laughing at the show.  It took a good 15 minutes and promises of pennies for the gumball machine before they would go in.

When we got home, they complained about hair being stuck on their lips.  They had both put on Chapstick before their haircuts.  This prompted a word of advice from Nan that Allison put in Notes from nanland:  "Never put on Chapstick before you get your haircut!"


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